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1. Respect ,
First and foremost every player while on public servers should respect everyone else. This is regardless of whether or not you might like, or not like them, or their play style. This is a common courtesy that not only brings the community together, but also makes your unit/clan look better.
2. Hacking and Cheating
One of the worst offenses you can commit on the server is to cheat or hack. We at the =OSC= do NOT tolerate hacking or cheating, EVER and neither should you! Every cheater caught should have screenshots, or a demo video taken to help with "proof purposes".
3. Foul Language and Spamming
Cursing and spamming are a disruption to the other players on public servers. Many times your public population is comprised of players that are younger and shouldn't be subjected to foul language. Just be respectful.
4.Ledging and Glitching
Ledging is standing/leaning out on the edge of a rooftop, ****window sills, or on a fence that a normal person couldn't do with a pack of gear on. This is generally not acceptable on most Tactical servers . With every new map, there is a new exploit illegal spots to cover. If you have any questions regarding a spot please contact an admin with a demo or screenshot of the spot in question. Generally speaking, if you had to do something that a normal human with your gear couldn't, just don't do it.
5. Nade Spamming
Throw grenades only into areas where you have seen or heard an enemy, or been told of an enemy location. This applies to rooms, the far side of walls, and especially over buildings. You must enter the room/area and assess the grenade damage. Randomly throwing nades is spamming and is prohibited. If you throw grenades in or over your own smoke, you run the risk of killing a team mate. Enemy smoke can be naded, but make sure there are no friendlies there. When the target has been planted, it can be naded by either team. ***UPDATED --- Frag grenades spam, especially on Search and Destroy game type, will be monitored as to where they are spammed. If a player continually frags common choke points, or frequently nade areas on maps where they think players are going.. IE: Carentan middle house or LOLV2 east corridor and garage where the 2 trucks are. Players/members will be warned 2 times and then result in a kick. Continuing infractions will result in a 24 hr ban, after that a permanent ban from server. This includes members.
6.Run and Gun
Run and Gun is considered when you fire your weapon without aiming down the sights. You must always try to aim down the sight when you fire your gun. Even if you are frightened by an enemy suddenly appearing right in front of you, you should still try. But in this case it is understood if you did not raise the sights, but try to improve yourself in this if you have trouble with it! **** UPDATED--- Running and gunning: Members and guests alike will be given a couple of warnings, continuous infractions will get a kick, then ban and eventually a permanent ban. This includes members.
Ghosting is not allowed on our server! Ghosting is spectating someone and giving away his position to an enemy that is still alive.
8.2nd Story Jumping
On our server, you are not allowed to jump out of a window or from a roof at height of a second story. This is not realistic and would break your legs in real life. Therefore you will also see that your health seriously decreases if you do. If you are caught doing this several times, action will be taken.
9.Team Wounding
Please do not wound or kill any of your teammates on purpose! It is strictly forbidden on our server! Not for revenge of a teammate wounding or killing you. If this occurs purposely please contact an Admin.
10.Bunny Hopping/worming/jumpshooting
Bunny hopping is considered jumping to avoid enemy fire; it is not permitted. Worming is going prone from a standing position while under fire while you are firing at the same time. Jump shooting is when you jump and shoot at the same time to over come obstacles in front of you: tanks, cars, walls..etc.
Please don't recruit on our server! Do not give out websites, xfires or emails, this can get you banned! Only OSC members can recruit.
12.Sniper Rules
This rule is not a tactical realism rule but an =OSC= Server rule. The sniper rifle can't be used every map by the same person. **** UPDATED--- For search and Destroy Game type, Sniper can use the scope for the full map selected. Then must wait 3 maps before he can select it the 4th map would be legal.
Finally, if you do not follow these rules, action will be taken by an Admin. Please follow any guidelines an Admin gives you or expect to be kicked off the server temporarily or longer..hump.gif Any questions/concerns sent a pm to an admin or put a post on forums.
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